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3D Modeling and trajectory with GPS tagged pictures from NIR Camera

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Just a quick test with sample GPS tagged data from a Canon NIR camera. This represents the 3D model that is going to be used for NDVI afterwards. Ill post more on the process in the next days on http://www.locoracers.com. Stay tuned

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3D modelling and trajectory with non gps tagged pictures + how to

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This is the result from 300 Pictures taken with a GoPro 4 from an environment in my surrounding. Processed with PIX4D and trajectory applied. Ist a quick and dirty modelling just to prove that it works. The recording of the Pictures were done by a GoPro 4 flown with a DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse […]

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3D terrain reconstruction from aerials

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Have been experimenting lately with some reconstruction of terrains for aerial pictures with VisualSFM. If you are interested to reproduce or testing to do it on your own I have included some useful links as its beneficial to have some background information on it. Links: General process and software: http://flightriot.com/post-processing-software/ Tutorials: http://flightriot.com/tutorials/post-process-tutorials/

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