This Site:

This site includes various Blogs, Pictures, Video and Manuals for Maintenance of Remote Controlled Cars, Boats, Helis and last but not least planes. The site shall provide information to others, share the passion for this hobby and increase popularity of it as well.

The beginning:

I started with RC Cars about 20 years ago. Popular Models at that time included the Tamiya Monster Beetle and other today vintage cars from that time. I rediscovered the fun about RC Cars some 5 years ago when some of my friends wanted to buy a nitro racer (Hype Zircon) to have fun on our local racetrack at Sundays. The Zirkon I have bought at that time lasted 4 years until the chassis gave up. I started to build my own collection of RC Cars from large scale models such as the HPI Baja to small scale models such as the Traxxas E-Revo VXL. In the meantime I certainly did go through some kind of evolution and include now helis, planes and speedboats as well in my rc fun days.

About the RC Hobby:

If thinking about beeing part of the RC community and entering the hobby you should consider the following first: 1. Todays RC Cars, Helis, Planes and Boats are no toys. They can easily reach speeds of over 65 miles per hour and safety shall be your number one consideration at all time. 2. This hobby is expensive. You cannot compare the expenses for parts, hopups and cars to a hobby like jogging or walking where you only need shoes and your good to go. 3. You will experience that for 2hrs driving time, you’ll put equal time in maintaining your cars. 4. It is a hell lot of fun and you will connect to a lot of people that you would have never met otherwise!