Castle Creations Mamba Monster ESC calibration and adjustments

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The Castle Creation Ed Driver Guide Users Manual can be found here

Calibration of ESC for pairing and calibration with remote control:

  • Turn on transmitter and make sure that ESC is turned off
  • Connect battery to the ESC
  • Hold full throttle on the remote control transmitter and turn on ESC. Keep holding full throttle. In case you did everything correct a multi-toned initialization ring will appear
  • After 1-2 seconds the GREEN LED on the ESC will blink rapidly and the motor rings 4 time in a row (this is the signal that the ESC has accepted the full throttle endpoint from the transmitter). After the GREEN LED flashes, the ESC will blink RED. This is the indication that the ESC waits for the brake endpoint.
  • Move throttle trigger to the full brake endpoint and hold it there. The ESC will then start flashing and ring 4 times rapidly, indicating that the brake endpoint has been accepted.
  • The ESC will now start blinking with YELLOW LED. Move the trigger of the remote control to neutral position. The ESC will now ring 4 times and flash the YELLOW LED. Now the ESC will ring 2 times and flash all LED colors. This indicated that the ESC has been successfully paired and is now armed for racing.

Manual programming of the ESC:

The ESC can be programmed manually. This applies when you don’t have the Castle Creations Link to program it over USB and personal computer.

  • Start similarly to the calibration of the ESC. Connect the battery to the ESC and hold full throttle on the transmitter while turning the ESC on. Keep on holding full throttle.
  • After a few seconds you will hear the 4 rings in a row signaling full throttle calibration. Keep on holding the throttle at this point. After some seconds more you will hear another 4 rings in a row. At this point release throttle to neutral position. The ESC will beep twice, then pause and then beep twice again. This is the ESC’s indication that you successfully entered programming mode.
  • The programming sequence is always presented in sequential order. The first beep indicates in which section you are and the second beeps are indicating which settings need to get “yes” or “no” answer.
  • “Yes” is answers when holding full throttle, “No” is answered when applying the brake (reverse). The ESC will always present you the next option till you answer yes.

Sequence Order and possible settings:

1: Brake/Reverse Type Option 1 : Reverse Lockout (D)* Option 2 : Forward/Brake Only Option 3 : Forward/Brake/Reverse

2: Brake Amount Option 1 : 25% Option 2 : 50% (D)* Option 3 : 75% Option 4 : 100%

3: Reverse Amount Option 1 : 25% Option 2 : 50% (D)* Option 3 : 75% Option 4 : 100%

4: Punch Control Option 1 : High Option 2 : Medium Option 3 : Low Option 4 : Lowest Option 5 : Disabled (D)*

5: Drag Brake Option 1 : Disabled (D)* Option 2 : 10% Option 3 : 20% Option 4 : 30% Option 5 : 40%

6. Throttle Dead Band Setting 1 : Large – 0.1500 ms Setting 2 : Normal – 0.1000 ms (D)* Setting 3 : Small – 0.0750 ms Setting 4 : Very Small – 0.0500 ms Setting 5 : Smallest – 0.0250 ms

7: Voltage Cutoff Option 1 : None Option 2 : Auto-Lipo (D)* Option 3 : 5 Option 4 : 6 Option 5 : 9 Option 6 : 12

8: Motor Timing Option 1 : Lowest Option 2 : Normal (D)* Option 3 : Highest

9: Motor Type Option 1 : Brushless (D)* Option 2 : Brushed Reversing Option 3 : Brushed High Power

*= Default setting

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  1. John Gorton says:

    Thank you so much for writing this article!! The booklets are always hard to find Driver ed !! I can program my two 1/8 scale gtp with mamba monster v1 on road cars in the field with your article on my phone!! I thank you for something I can refer to anytime from my bookmark
    Sincerely yours
    John W Gorton

  2. Craig says:

    Hi. I have just bought a Mamba Monster X esc for my Yeti XL but I cant find out how to adjust the bec from 5v to 6v. If you have any ideas it would would be greatly appreciated.

    • Loco says:

      In general you should install the PC program that comes with the Cable to connect to the MM X. In the PC program you can adjust the BEC

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